1 Tritoma (Kniphofia) Ice Queen I

1 Tritoma (Kniphofia) Ice Queen I

1 Tritoma (Kniphofia) ‘Ice Queen’ in a package with large colour photo and planting instructions. (Outer of 5 packs)


Tritoma (Kniphofia) ‘Ice Queen’ is very special flower. The pointed and dead straight inflorescence in flaming orange and yellow shades makes it clear why Tritoma has been given the name Torch Lily. The flowering period is from July to September and it grows 100-150 cm. Tritoma ‘Ice Queen’ does well in a sunny position in humus-rich soil. It is advisable to leave flares for a long time. They don’t like to be shared. It takes a few years before they bloom again. After flowering, cut off the stems with spent flowers, but leave the leaves on the plant. In the fall, cover the plant with a layer of mulch.

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