8 Scilla siberica 6/7

8 Scilla siberica 6/7

8 Scilla siberica 6/7 in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. Quantity outer of 5.


Scilla siberica, or Siberian squill or wood squill, has bunches of small nodding, bright blue flowers with narrow, strappy leaves and purplish stems. Scilla siberica.  This blue beauty prefers direct sun, but can tolerate some shade and moist, but well drained soil in gardens, wildflower meadows, beds, borders, edging, rock gardens or underplanting of roses or shrubs. Scilla is a favourite naturalising bulb as it propagates quite quickly as well as being a main attractor to bees.  Scilla siberica combines excellently with early daffodils, crocuses, chionodoxa, and puschkinia.

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