Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoe 12.5cm

Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoe 12.5cm

145cm Ash wood handle.  Products are handmade and handle is made of a natural material.  Colour deviations and irregularities are possible.


The Royal Dutch hoe is designed for you to work and walk backwards which leaves a fine tilth without footprints and reduces the chance of replanting weeds with your feet. No backache due to the length of the handle and therefore also no need to bend. If you work on a border there is no need to get into the border. The Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoe is a unique garden hoe, designed in Sneeboer’s centenary year, with innovative teeth on the front of the blade, hook on the reverse and specially designed handle for outstanding performance. The teeth on the blade increase the surface of the blade by 35% and also concentrate the force, easing into the soil, especially when compacted. The sharp points also enable precision removal of weeds when they are close to other plants. The hook on the reverse side of the blade will eliminate the weeds on the pull stroke. Larger weeds can be easily pulled back so they can be picked up. The handle adds to the precision and prevents blistering to the palm of the hand. Due to the special handgrip the pushing pressure is uniformly distributed over the entire hand. Not only does the Royal Dutch Hoe have all these innovative features, but it just under 1kg, making it lighter than the standard dutch hoe and easier to use and manoeuvre.

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Weight .95 kg