Paeonia Pink-White 2/3

Paeonia Pink-White 2/3

2 Paeonia Pink-White in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. (Quantity of 5)


XXL pack of Paeonia Pink-White is just that – a combination of pink and white flowered blooms that flowers in the months of May-June and grows to a height of about 90 -100 cm which may make it necessary to support the flower stems. Paeonia tubers can be planted in the spring. Dig a spacious planting hole, loosen the soil and fill the planting hole with good potting soil. Carefully place the tubers in the planting hole and cover with 3-5 cm soil. The planting distance of the tubers is 30-60 cm. Water the tubers immediately after planting. Paeonia bloom most profusely in full sun. Paeonia is an excellent cut flower and has a long vase life. The best time to cut paeonia is early in the day. Immediately place the stems in lukewarm water with cut flower food.

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