Narcissus Accent

Narcissus Accent

Large Cupped


Narcissus Accent is an elegantly, prolific daffodil boasting large, star-shaped flowers, that have slightly reflexed, ivory-white petals and a contrasting, frilled funnel-shaped cup of that starts soft pink but deepens to salmon pink during flowering and strap-shaped foliage. This daffodil is well suited to being planted in generous drifts through beds and borders, in pots, under trees or it can be used to naturalise in areas of taller grass verges, lawn edges, hedgerows or banks. Makes a lovely cut flower. Best planted in full sun but will tolerate light shade, in a moist but free-draining soil. Allow foliage to die down naturally as this ensures nourishment for the next seasons growth. In combination with its white flower, it is a stunner in any garden that shows its beauty every spring. Mix with other varieties to encourage depth and contrast.

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