Muscari comosum

Muscari comosum


A most unusual bloom, Muscari comosum, aka Tassel Hyacinth, produces racemes with open reddish-purple flowers highlighted in green, and then topped with a tuft of closed bright blue-purple flowers. This variety blooms later than other Muscari plants which lends itself to extending your Muscari display into summer. Thrives when planted in partially shaded, well draining soil in borders, gardens, gravel or rock gardens, wildflower meadows or naturalised in grass or planted by the edge of a woodland or under roses or deciduous shrubs. Muscari makes wonderful ground cover and can be planted in containers or pots. Plant in groups, with other Muscari or dot around your display to creare a bit of a wilder look. Polllinator friendly.

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Flowering Period

May – June


Biodiversity friendly