Lilium Happy Ice 14/16

Lilium Happy Ice 14/16

50 Lilium Happy Ice 14/16 in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions.


The Asiatic Pot Lily ‘Happy Ice’ with its pure white colour is a beautiful garden. These lilies are very suitable for flower pots or planters. To plant, fill your pot 1/3 of the way full with the sandy potting mix and pat it down a little. Don’t compact the soil, just a light even patting will do. Arrange lilies how you want them on this layer potting mix, with the root side down and bulb tip up. Space the Bulbs about 2 inches (5 cm.) apart. Once the Bulbs are arranged, cover with enough potting mix so that the Bulbs’ tips are slightly sticking out. Add slow release fertilizer and water well. Most lilies need a cold period in order to grow beautiful blooms. It is best to pot them up in early spring and then put them in a frost free, cool greenhouse or cold frame for a few weeks until outside temperatures become warm and stable. If you do not have a greenhouse or cold frame, a cool garden shed, garage or basement will work. Once danger of frost has passed, place pots outside in sunny location. Lilies can live in containers for a few years with proper overwintering or can be planted in the garden after flowering is complete. If leaving in pots, cut stalks back to just above soil line, stop watering, stick a few moths into pots. Store in frost-free greenhouse, cold frame, shed or basement, or wrap entire pot in bubble wrap and leave it outside for the winter. Watch out for the orange Lily bug: this is the Lily’s worst enemy! The best way to control the bugs is to remove them manually. There are several pesticides, but Lily beetles quickly become immune to them.

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