25 Chionodoxa luciliae (Gigantea) 5/+

25 Chionodoxa luciliae (Gigantea) 5/+

25 Chionodoxa luciliae (Gigantea) 5/+ in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. Quantity outer of 5.


Chionodoxa luciliae (Glory of the Snow)is one of the first bulbs to flower in the spring. It produces large quantities of three to four, star-shaped clusters of flowers in lavender blue, white centred blooms atop dark stems and sparse foliage. It grows easily in all well-drained soil types in sunny or partial shade. Plant in borders, rock gardens, window boxes or containers or underneath deciduous trees, shrubs or hedges. It not only combines beautifully with narcissi, tulips, muscari and hyacinth, but plant in masse to form a magnificent carpet of flowers. It can be naturalised in lawns, especially beneath trees where they will flower before the tree canopy appears. Bee-friendly.

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