7 Tulip Bio Salmon Impression 11/+

7 Tulip Bio Salmon Impression 11/+

7 Tulip Salmon Impression 11/+ in a sustainably produced paper package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. Quantity outer of 5.


Bio Salmon Impression is a stately, classic darwin hybrid tulip, that blends shades of salmon, apricot and pink with pale pink petal edges and a blue base. The flower originally is more apricot but darkens as it matures. Large, goblet shaped flowers are on tall, sturdy stems that let these tulips sway in the breeze. Simple yet beautiful, this bulb creates an impressive display when planted in sunny areas with good drainage. Looks spectacular in gardens, borders, pots or as a cut flower. Organically grown.

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Weight 0.925 kg

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7 per Bag