10 Muscari Bio armeniacum 7/+

10 Muscari Bio armeniacum 7/+

10 Muscari armeniacum 7/+ in a sustainably produced paper package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. Quantity outer of 5.


Organically grown, Muscari armeniacum (Grape Hyacinth Hyacinths) is a strong spring bulb with a radiant blue colour. This plant resembles a bunch of Grape Hyacinths crossed with hyacinth. Planted in a sunny border or naturalised in grass, this flower will be an exuberant bloomer with 3 to 5 flower stems per bulb. Can also be planted by the edge of a woodland or under deciduous shrubs. Muscari can spread very easily so if you want to keep them contained, they can be planted in containers or pots. Bee friendly.

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10 per Bag