Astilbe Japonica Peach Blossom 2/3

Astilbe Japonica Peach Blossom 2/3

25 Astilbe japonica ‘Peach Blossom’ in a package with large colour photo and planting instructions.


The Astilbe japonica ‘Peach Blossom’ is a pink summer flowering perennial. Its height is about 50 cm. Plant the Astilbe in the open ground. Make a spacious planting hole and loosen the soil well. Improve poor garden soil by mixing in compost and some garden peat. Place the roots of the plant at the correct depth in the hole (approx. 5 cm). Fill the planting hole with soil and press firmly. The best location is a spot in partial shade or shade. During growth it is important to water the plants regularly, reduce watering in the autumn. Astilbe is strong and hardy and combines well with other perennials. The flower panicles are also decorative in mixed summer bouquets. Astilbe hybrids are mainly known from borders and planting areas. However, the striking flower panicles also look very nice in a pot. Take a large pot with holes in the bottom and plant the Astilbe about 20 cm apart. It is important that the potting soil does not dry out. Preferably place a pot of Astilbe in partial shade.

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