5 Allium atropurpureum 10/+

5 Allium atropurpureum 10/+

5 Allium atropurpureum 10/+ in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. Quantity outer of 5.


This late flowering allium is considred to be a drumsitck allium. It bears a tightly packed balsl of dark red-purple to bluish-purple colour on top of a tall, thick stem. Allium Atropurpeum grows best in sunny, sheltered areas in good draining soil. It can be grown in clumps or bold drifts for dramatic displays and It is can be used to fill gaps in sunny borders or combined with perennials such as roses. Leave the seedheads standing at the end of season to add interest to your garden. This allium attracts butterflies and bees during flowering. Suitable for naturalising.

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