7 Tulip Pamplona 11/12

7 Tulip Pamplona 11/12

7 Tulip Pampolna 11/12 in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. Quantity outer of 5.


Double Late Tulip Pamplona is new addition in 2024. Named after the city in Spain known for the Running of the Bulls, this is a searing scarlet red beauty that starts with tight green buds on short, strong stems. Tulip Pamplona blooms into full, long flowering, peony like blossoms that will add vibrancy and fragrance to any border, bed, garden, or container and can be used as underplanting for roses or shrubs or planted along wall borders. Tulips do best planted in moist, well draining, sheltered areas in full sun. Tulip Pamplona can be mass planted for a sea of colour or mix with muscari or other double tulips for an amazing display.

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