15 Anemone coronaria Bride 5/6

15 Anemone coronaria Bride 5/6

15 Anemone coronaria Bride 5/6 in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. Quantity outer of 5.


Anemone coronaria Bride is a surprising single flower that blooms a beautiful pure white colour with a yellow-green button centre. Anemone Bride is a trouble-free garden dweller that will produce many blooms easily when planted in a spot in full sun in fertile, humus-rich soil. Plant in one variety drifts or with other flowers, such as single-early tulips or early flowering daffodils, muscari or scilla in borders, gardens, grassy or woody areas or under trees or shrubs as well as in planters for a beautiful display. Anemones are long time favourites choice to naturalise in lawns, verges, or meadows and makes a lovely ground cover. Highly attractive to pollinators including bees.

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