10 Gladiolus Charming Lady 8/9

10 Gladiolus Charming Lady 8/9

10 Gladiolus ‘Charming Lady’ in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. (Outer of 5 packs)


Gladiolus Charming Lady is a gorgeous, dwarf summer bloomer that flowers in July and August and often beyond. This Gladiolus has light pink blooms and a creamy white centre and can be planted alone or combined with smaller Gladiolus, perenneials and Dahlias. ‘Charming Lady’ is very floriferous and should not be missed in your summer flower garden. You can plant the Gladiolus tubers about 7-10 cm deep in the spring. First loosen the soil well and sprinkle a layer of sharp sand at the bottom of the planting hole. This allows rainwater to drain well under the tubers. Space the tubers about 10-12 cm apart. Add some good potting soil when planting. Mix heavy (clay) soil with sharp sand before planting. Gladiolus like to grow in a warm sunny spot. Preferably plant Gladiolus in a different spot every year. If you plan on using this flower in a cutting, pick the stems when the lower flower opens, preferably early in the morning and immediately place the stems in a vase with lukewarm water with cut flower food.

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