10 Begonia Pastel Compacta Mix 3/4

10 Begonia Pastel Compacta Mix 3/4

10 Begonia Pastel Compacta Mix I in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. (Outer of 5 packs)


XXl pack of Begonia ‘Pastel Compacta Mix’ can be admired for months as it flowers from June through October. ‘Pastel Compacta Mix’ rosette shaped doubles are a combination of shades of yellows and oranges. Easily grown these powerhouse flowers are best in pots as they cascade gently over the edges. The best planting period for Begonia is spring after the danger of frost has passed. Plant the tubers in partial shade, with their hollow sides up and cover with a thin layer of moisture retaining compost enriched soil. If it is kept in full sun, it will need to be watered 2-3 times per week, preferably late in the afternoon when there is no direct sun. Begonia can hibernate if brought into dry cool areas when the first frost is forecast. In the spring, plant the flowers back outside when chance of frost has passed.

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