1 Amaryllis Belladonna 20/+

1 Amaryllis Belladonna 20/+

1 Amaryllis Belladonna 20/+ in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. (Outer of 5 packs)


Amaryllis belladonna (belladonna lily) is a bulbous plant, the bulb of which has a diameter of 5-10 cm. The leaves appear in autumn and finally die in late spring. The bulb then goes dormant until late summer. In contrast to Amaryllis, the leaves of the belladonna lily appear first and the belladonna lily only blooms after the leaves have wilted.
Late in summer, the bulb produces one or two bare 12-inch stems, each bearing a cluster of two to twelve funnel-shaped flowers. The colour of the flowers is pink.
The belladonna lily is a bulbous plant that can grow in the garden but can also be potted. In the garden, however, the plant must be well covered with leaves in winter to protect it from frost. In the pot, the belladonna lily can overwinter in the shed or in a cold greenhouse.

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