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Royal Dutch hoe
The Royal Dutch Hoe is a unique garden hoe, designed in Sneeboer's centenary year, with innovative teeth on the front of the blade, hook on the reverse and specially designed handle for outstanding performance.

Price: €54.21 ex-VAT

Fork & Mattock
The long handled fork and mattock is tough enough to cope with almost all soil types and situations.

Price: €63.55 ex-VAT

Kappe Trowel
This sturdy trowel, with cherry handle, sharpened edges and tip, cuts through roots and penetrates the soil with ease.

Price: €32.63 ex-VAT

3 Tine cultivator
This long handled cultivator with three hand forged blades makes light work of breaking up soil.

Price: €50.00 ex-VAT

Planting trowel
The planting trowel by Sneeboer Tools has sharp sides and a pointed end allowing you to cut easily through the soil for all your planting and gardening needs.

Price: €34.79 ex-VAT

Hand Cultivator
Literally 'claw' back control of your garden with the Sneeboer hand cultivator, a fearsome, three-tined hand tool which is perfectly designed for loosening soil.

Price: €34.79 ex-VAT