Zantedeschia Royal Valentine 14/16

Zantedeschia Royal Valentine 14/16

25 Zantedeschia ‘Royal Valentine’ in a package with large colour photo and planting instructions.


The Zantedeschia ‘Royal Valentine’ with its deep red flowers can be planted both indoors and out.The Zantedeschia is not resistant to frost. It is advisable to grow plants in a pot and to overwinter them frost-free. Plant the tuber in a pot with good soil. Then immediately place the Zantedeschia in full light and water it regularly. The leaves of the Zantedeschia develop first, followed by the striking flowers. Keep the potting soil on the dry side in winter. Water more in early spring and put the Zantedeschia outside again in spring (after the last frost). After the danger of night frost has disappeared, the Zantedeschia can also be planted outside. Plant them 10 cm. deep in humus-rich, well-drained soil in full sun. Zantedeschia likes to grow in fairly moist soil. When planting in flower pots and planters, always use new potting soil. In a garden with fairly moist soil, Zantedeschia can be combined nicely with Hostas, among other things. Give the Zantedeschia plenty of water in the summer as the the soil may be kept slightly moist at all times

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