Outer 12 Bags 3 Rhubarb Red Champagne

Outer 12 Bags 3 Rhubarb Red Champagne

Outer of 12 Bags – Rhubarb ‘Red Champagne’ in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions.


Outer of 12 bags – Rhubarb ‘Red Champagne’ is a hardy perennial with long, scarlet, sweet tasting stems, topped with large glossy, jagged green leaves. Rhubarb is an irregular clump-forming plant that is easy to grow and that will spread after two (2) – five (5) years, so plant in an open moist, well-drained area of the garden in a sunny spot. Once planted, rhubarb should not be moved. Rhubarb stems are boiled as a dessert and added to other fruits, pies, salads and flavouring for food and drinks. Leaves are poisonous so dispose of carefully.

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