Hyacinth Glass Blue Pearl 18/19

Hyacinth Glass Blue Pearl 18/19

3 Hyacinth Glass Blue Pearl 18/19 in a package has a large colour photo and planting instructions. Quantity outer of 5.


Hyacinth Blue Pearl for indoor culture. Place the bulbs of the hyacinths in the glass as soon as possible after receipt. Fill the glass with water, making sure the water does not touch the bulb. The space between the water and the bulb should be a few millimetres. Pput the glass with bulb away in a dark room at about 10 ° C. After a while the roots have grown considerably and you can see the bud. When the bud is about 4 cm long, you can put the hyacinth in a light, but cool room. Do not put the hyacinth in the warm living room until the flower bud has completely grown out of the bulb. You can then expect the first flowers after about three weeks.

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Weight 1.35 kg

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3 per Bag




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