Hollandica Red Ember

Hollandica Red Ember

10 Iris Hollandica Red Ember 7/8 in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. Quantity outer of 5.


Iris hollandica Red Ember is an elegant summer bloom with rich colours of deep magenta, and copper-brown tinged falls. Iris hollandica flowers in June-July and grows to about 50-60 cm. The rich warmth of this flower provides a lot of pleasure when planted in gardens, along walls, through ornamental grasses, or in a vase with similarly warm colours or as a contrast with brighter colours. Plant irises in the autumn in full to partial sun. Place the bulbs in the planting hole and cover with 5 cm. soil with a distance between bulbs is 10-15 cm.

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Weight 0.35 kg

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Flowering time

June – July

Biodiversity friendly