Hemerocallis Berrylicious I

Hemerocallis Berrylicious I

1 Hemerocallis ‘Berrylicious’ in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. (Quantity of 5)


Hemerocallis ‘Berrylicious’ (Daylily) is a clump forming perennial with spikes of exotic lily-like single flowers which do not last more than 24 hours (hence the common name). Each flower may only last a day but is quickly replaced the next day with fresh, beautiful blossoms, providing weeks of colour. This beautiful, short-lived flower has raspberry pink petals with darker ruffled edges and a yellow throat. Although they are rugged, Hemerocallis is also adaptable. They are quick to establish and need little care once it is planted in full sun to partial shade soil in your gardens, borders or pots. They are resistant to drought, pests, rust disease and even thrive in salty areas such as along the coast.

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