Helleborus Orientalis White Lady I

Helleborus Orientalis White Lady I

1 Helleborus Orientalis ‘White Lady’ in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. (Quantity of 5)


Helleborus orientalis ‘White Lady’ is known as ‘Lenten rose’. In January, when we could use a lift to our moods, some Lenten roses appear in the garden. It is a strong and slow growing perennial. The white cupped shaped flowers are often nodding and because the leaves stay on for a long time and change colour somewhat, the ornamental value is also long. The height is 30-40 cm. Helleborus orientalis is an ideal in beds, borders, cottage gardens and containers. It can remain in the same place for years and is one of the very first perennials to flower. It combines well with a whole series of early flowering bulbs and tuber.

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