Gypsophila Pink Festival I

Gypsophila Pink Festival I

1 Gypsophila ‘Pink Festival’ in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. (Quantity of 5)


Gypsohila ‘Pink Festival’ (Baby’s Breath) has puffs of pinkish-white flowers along its stems creating an eye-pleasing display in your garden or vase. They like calcareous soils and owe their Latin name Gypsophila; Gypsos stands for lime and philas for loving, in other words lime loving. Gypsophila is an indispensable border plant and can be used to connect plants with contrasting flowers. A sunny position is important. For maintenance it is sufficient to cut the plant in the spring. You can also sprinkle a handful of calcareous fertilizer, such as bone meal, on the soil with this plant.

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