Gypsophila Pink Festival I

Gypsophila Pink Festival I

25 Gypsophila ‘Pink Festival’ in a package with large colour photo and planting instructions.


Gypsohila ‘Pink Festival’ (Baby’s Breath) has pink flowers. It likes calcareous soils and owes its Latin name Gypsophila to this. Gypsos stands for lime and philas for loving – lime-loving. Gypsophila is an indispensable border plant if you use many flowers from your own garden. But this plant also has a visual function in the garden itself. In bloom there is a beautiful cloud of pink flowers. As a result, it can be used well to connect plants with contrasting flowers. A sunny position is important. For maintenance it is sufficient to cut the plant in the spring. You can also sprinkle a handful of calcareous fertilizer, such as bone meal, on the soil near this plant.

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