1 Dahlia TopMix Yellow I

1 Dahlia TopMix Yellow I

1 Dahlia ‘Topmix Yellow’ in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. (Outer of 5 packs)


The Yellow Topmix Dahlia is a rewarding summer bloomer that will give you months of pleasure. This Dahlia blooms all summer from July until the first frost. This Yellow Topmix Dahlia is lower growing but with lots of flowers. It grows to about 50 cm high. This Dahlia is therefore ideal for planting in pots on a terrace or balcony. Dahlia tubers can be planted in the spring. Dahlia Topmix Yellow is sensitive to frost, so be careful with late night frosts. Dig a spacious planting hole, loosen the soil and fill the planting hole with good potting soil. Carefully place the tubers in the planting hole and cover with 3-5 cm of soil. The planting distance of the tubers is 40 cm. Water the tubers immediately after planting. Dahlias bloom most profusely in full sun. Store the tubers in a frost-free place after flowering and you will enjoy them for years. Yellow Dahlia Topmix combines well with low perennials and other low Dahlia varieties. Dahlia Topmix is an excellent cut flower with a long vase life. The best time to cut Dahlias is early in the day and immediately placing the stems in lukewarm water with cut flower food.

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