Canna Happy Julia I (POT)

Canna Happy Julia I (POT)

25 Pot Canna ‘Happy Julia’ in a package with large colour photo and planting instructions.


Canna ‘Happy Julia’ produces bold red flowers and dark green leaves with a branding of bronze. It is shorter than most other Cannas, only growing to about 50cm. Cannas originate from the tropics, so they like a sunny spot. Canna looks great in a spacious flower pot or planter. Take a large pot with holes in the bottom. Cover the bottom with potsherds or a layer of hydro grains. Put potting soil in the flower pot and place the Canna’s root ball at the correct height. Fill with soil and press firmly. Water generously immediately after planting. Place the flower pot or planter in a spot in full sun. The flowers and large leaves of the Cannas are indispensable in a border that has a ‘tropical’ character. Provide a sunny spot so that these tropical plants feel at home. Canna tubers, like Dahlias, are very easy to overwinter. Remove the tubers from the pot or from the open ground after the first night frost. Place the Cannas in a crate with peat dust or sand. You can share large Canna tubers right away. Store the Canna tubers in a frost-free area. You can plant them again next spring (after the last frost).

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