Box Healthy Herbs Basil

Box Healthy Herbs Basil

Basil – Healthy Herbs Box with a large colour photo and planting instructions. (Quantity of 5)


Basil is a versatile annual herb used for its leaves. Basil is very aromatic and adds flavor to sauces, pesto, pizza, soups, stews, vegetables, eggs and meat and fish dishes. It grows a thick, central taproot; small, white flowers and from a central inflorescence that emerges from the central stem at the top of the plant. Leaves can be harvested throughout the summer. Use leaves as required; if lots of leaves are needed remove from entire plant but if only a few leaves are required, remove from the top of the plant to encourage further growth. Sow basil successionally from spring into summer so you will have a continuous supply. It is suggested to plant in well-drained, fertile soil in individual pots and water sparingly as basil does not like to be too wet. Keep in a sheltered area out of direct mid-day sun.

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