Begonia Pendula Pink 4/5

Begonia Pendula Pink 4/5

25 Pink hanging (Pendula) Begonia in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions.


Begonia ‘Pendula Pink’ can be admired for months as it is among the longest summer and autumn bloomers, flowering from June through October. ‘Pendula Pink’ are double trailing cascade Begonia and have bright pink blooms which grow to 25 cm. These easy to grow, powerhouse flowers work well in hanging baskets or pots as they cascade gently over the edges. The best planting period for Begonia is spring after the danger of frost has passed. If using a flower pot or planter make sure there are holes in the bottom, so that the water can drain well. Cover the bottom with or a layer of hydro grains. Plant the tubers with their hollow sides up and cover them with a 1-2cm layer of moist, not wet, retaining compost enriched soil. Water the Begonia immediately after planting. Pendula Begonia grow and flower well in partial shade. If you keep the Begonia in full sun, make sure to water at least 2-3 times per week in the afternoon when there is no direct sun. By regularly cutting off the spent Begonia flowers, you promote reblooming. Begonia can hibernate just fine if you take the necessary action. Bring pots into a dry cool, frost-free area when the first night frost is forecast. In the spring, when there is no longer a chance of frost, place the Begonia back outside.

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