250 gr. Onions Corrado 14/21 mm

250 gr. Onions Corrado 14/21 mm

250 gr Onions ‘Corrado’ in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. (Quantity of 5 packs)


Onions ‘Corrado’ is a medium early, high yielding hybrid onion resistent to many diseases and pests. The yellow to golden brown heads are rounded and usually weigh 100-110g each offering a pleasant, medium pungency taste. Plant in a sheltered area with loose, moist, well-drained,soil with a neutral pH. and should not be planted where onions, garlic, carrots or cucumbers were the previous season. Onions can be planted in same place for two (2) years. Weeding is important to keep disease and pest-free. Harvest when 60%-80% of stems are yellowed, dried and laid down. Drying needs to occur before consumption. Corrados can be used raw or cooked. Suitable for short-term storage.

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