1 Dahlia Diana’s Memory I

1 Dahlia Diana’s Memory I

1 Dahlia ‘Diana’s Memory’ in a package with a large colour photo and planting instructions. (Outer of 5 packs)


The large-flowered, decorative, Dahlia ‘Diana’s Memory’, is an easily grown summer bloomer that flowers from July until the first frost. The hues of ivory-white blend softly with the palest of pink petals and yellow base. This bloom is beautiful to sow together or to integrate with other perennials or dahlias in sunny borders, gardens or containers. Sown in sunny areas, dahlia usually produce a large number of flowers. Dahlia bulbs are sensitive to frost, so don’t plant too early. The planting distance of the tubers is 30-60 cm and 3-5cm deep. Water the tubers immediately after planting. Store the tubers in a frost-free place after flowering and you will enjoy them for years to come.

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